With maximum rocker for excellent maneuverability in whitewater, and flared ends for dryness and buoyancy, you'll be impressed with this 16-foot river runner. The Appalachian's shallow arch hull offers great initial and secondary stability. Designed to paddle solo or tandem, paddlers will appreciate its quick response and tight handling in conditions up to Class III. The Appalachian is also a great choice for those heading for the hills with lots of gear.
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Length:16' / 4.9 m
Width:35" / 88.9 cm
Width at 4" Waterline:33.5" / 85.1 cm
Bow Height:23" / 58.4 cm
Depth:15" / 38.1 cm
Weight:67 lbs / 30.4 kg
Max Load Range:1400-1450 lbs / 635-657.7 kg
Suggested Retail:$1,799.99 USD

Hull Characteristics


  • Two nylon web seats
  • Vinyl gunwales
  • Ash thwart and yoke
  • Durable, yet lightweight
Shallow Arch Bottom Flared Sides Icon
Shallow Arch Bottom

Shallow arch bottom canoes have less initial stability than flat bottom canoes, but tend to have higher secondary stability. As the canoe is leaned to one side, it will balance better and resist further tipping. Shallow arch canoes are a great all-around canoe but tend to perform best in choppy water, waves and whitewater.

Shallow Arch Bottom Flared Sides Icon
Flared Sides

When the canoe sides flare out above the waterline the canoe will resist tipping and the flared out sides deflect water for a drier more stable ride. While this design does require a slightly further reach when using your paddle over the side, the added stability may be worth it.

Maximum Rocker Icon
Maximum Rocker

From a side view, if the canoe has more of a banana shape while sitting on a hard surface, it means it has a lot of rocker. A canoe with a lot of rocker will be more maneuverable and turn easily, but will tend not to track well (i.e. go straight).



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