Saranac 146

The Saranac 146 canoe packs in a ton of features at a great price. The Saranac 146 features rod holders, storage options and storage trays as well as two contoured seats with comfortable seat backs and a center bench seat (perfect for smaller passengers). From bow to stern the Saranac 146 provides versatility while delivering on fun. A great option for families, anglers or casual canoeists looking for a recreational canoe that performs well on the water.
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Material:Thermoformed Polyethylene
Length:14' 6" / 4.4 m
Width:36" / 91.4 cm
Width at 4" Waterline:34.75" / 88.3 cm
Bow Height:18" / 45.7 cm
Depth:13.25" / 33.7 cm
Weight:79 lbs / 35.8 kg
Max Load Range:700-750 lbs / 317.5-340.2 kg
Suggested Retail:$699.99 USD

Hull Characteristics


  • Comfortable contoured seats with seat backs
  • Center bench seat with storage compartments
  • 6" hatch (center)
  • Molded-in rod holders (bow seat and center)
  • Comfortable molded-in carrying handles (bow and stern)
  • Molded-in storage trays
  • Molded-in paddle rests (bow and stern)
  • Molded-in cup holders (bow, center and stern)
Flat Bottom Straight Sides Icon
Flat Bottom Hull

Flat bottom canoes offer great initial stability. They tend to feel very secure on calm water but become slightly less comfortable as the waves get larger or as you lean to one side. Flat bottom canoes are great for the sportsmen and general weekend warrior looking for a solid platform.

Flat Bottom Straight Sides Icon
Straight Sides

Straight-sided canoes are a compromise between flared sides (increased secondary stability) and tumblehome sides (narrower beam at deck for easier reach to water). Straight sides are a great option for most recreational users.

Moderate Rocker Icon
Moderate Rocker

From a side view the canoe has only a slight banana shape while sitting on a hard surface. Moderate rocker in a canoe means it will turn easily on the water but can also track well for short to longer distance paddling.

 Contoured Seat

A comfortable contoured seat that includes padded seating, a cup holder and an adjustable seat back.

Molded-in Carrying Handle Canoe Decks

Also include molded-in cleats and strap eyes for an anchor system in addition to the molded in flush mount. See close up image +



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