March 2, 2018

Sound Escape

“Seattle’s a chaotic place, but it’s also an amazing place.”


The need to escape everyday life and venture out into nature is a feeling to which most of us can relate. We all have our favorite escape routes, some of us head into the mountains, and some prefer to head to the local lake, river, or bay. In Seattle, the fast pace of life and towering skyline is sharply contrasted by the scenic Puget Sound and snowcapped peaks of the Cascade Mountains nearby. It’s a truly unique landscape in a truly unique part of North America.

Old Town sea kayaking in Old Town Castine near Puget Sound in Seattle.

One way for locals to reconnect with each other while disconnecting from the city is to tour the Puget Sound by kayak. With countless coves and islands, the sound is a paddler’s paradise.

Sea kayaking in an Old Town Castine in the Puget Sound near Anacortes, Washington.

The all-new Old Town Castine (available in three custom-fit sizes) is the perfect getaway vehicle for the Puget Sound, or wherever your escape is located. The perfect blend of length, speed, storage, and affordability, the Castine series was designed with single or two day touring adventures in mind.

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