Charles River Family

Charles River Family

The Charles River combines yesterday's classic design, flared with tumblehome cross-section and contemporary materials to provide outstanding performance with greater durability and less weight.

Charles River 15

Length: 15' 8" | 4.8 m
Width: 35" | 88.9 cm
Weight: 80 lbs | 36.3 kg
MSRP: $999.99 USD
Charles River 15 Series

Charles River 16 RX

Length: 16' 3" | 5 m
Width: 35" | 88.9 cm
Weight: 62 lbs | 28.1 kg
MSRP: $1,799.99 USD
Charles River RX series


A lot of work to get there but worth it
kpillatsch1There are 2 lakes in Bowling Green MO, one has a boat ramp and easy access the other has a parking lot at the bottom of the dam and you must lug you kayak up the steep hill. The lake gets very…