• Canoeing the Mississippi

    Read about a two-month journey canoeing the Mississippi River from its source to its mouth.

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  • Predator

    The Predator brings you closer to the water and the action. Featuring six removable mounting plates and the Element seating system.

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  • Adventure on the Water

    Adventure on the Water has something for everyone including great photos, videos and stories created directly by our team.

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  • The Twister

    Just add water, a paddle and a PFD and you’re ready to go. Designed to take on everything from a playful river to a smooth lake, the Twister makes it easy & fun.

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  • Camden Series

    The updated Camden series has taken luxury to a whole new level in recreational kayaking.

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    Fully equipped to help you catch your limit.

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    NEW FOR 2013

    Introducing the Twin Heron, Heron Jr, Twister and more.



    Lightweight, stable and loaded with features.


    Kayaking with a 10 year old girl
    woodruff1After seeing a video of me and my best friend on a kayaking trip, my nine year old daughter exclaimed, "I want to go kayaking!". Thus began a new chapter in the many adventures my kid and I would…
    Welcome to the website for Old Town Canoes and Kayaks, designer and manufacturer of classic, yet innovative, watercraft for over 100 years. Old Town's recreation kayaks include classic models such as the Otter and the Loon as well as newer models like the Heron, Vapor, Dirigo and Camden. Other kayak favorites include our family-friendly tandem models and our angler-specific kayaks. Our canoes have provided years of tradition. Designed for expeditions or a weekend of family fun, Old Town canoe models include long time favorites such as the Camper, Discovery and Guide as well as the Saranac, Charles River and Stillwater series. Our Pack, Predator and Osprey canoes are also top sportsman choices. Learn more about all of these and more through this website, our eNewsletter, our community page and our social media pages.